Kingdom Trust accepts Zcash



In weekly updates, Zcash has added it’s v1.1.2 which activated on 25 June. However, they requested users to use latest version so that they can go through latest features implemented on that.

Though they have cleared their aim that they are focusing on development of Zcashd clients. There is another separate team for consensus protocol. Recently they have announced Kingdom Trust accepts Zcash.

Kingdom Trust :

Zcash has recently announced that Kingdom Trust, qualified custodian specialized in custody solutions have accepted Zcash on their platform now onwards. However, custodian has accepted 7 most popular Cryptocurrencies on their platform from Bitcoin to Ripple.

Kingdom Trust has over $12 Billion assets and provided services to 1,00,000 clients. It’s necessary to know the gap between market and custody. Whenever new investors and developers come to market, they always try to bridge the gap between market and custody which one should know. For the solution of this larger gap and Cryptocurrency custodian solutions this is the best platform.

” Kingdom Trust is proud to now hold these two coins on our industry-leading platform,”

said Matt Jennings, the CEO of Kingdom Trust.

However, they have mentioned that this was the first platform which allows self directed retirement accounts to hold Cryptocurrency investment directly. Moreover, as mentioned above they accept Stellar Lumens.

“As a qualified custodian, we take our role as solutions provider very seriously, and we are excited to add many more solutions like this in the near future.” added by CEO of Kingdom Trust

In addition to point out the retirement account self directed, according to IRS notice in 2014 Cryptocurrencies are property when it comes to tax purpose, they have equivalent value in real money.

Conclusion :

Zcash has recently announced that Kingdom Trust have accepted Zcash on their platform now onwards. They have qualified custodian specialized in custodian solutions. Moreover, they accept Stellar Lumens.

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