Monero outreach proposal and road-map goals


Monero outreach proposal is seeking for funding as they have mentioned their aim and objective of this team. In fact, there are many writers who have already started a handful project for the same. However, they are aiming to enhance awareness of Monero by marketing and outreach related activities.

Monero has recently created a news for the upcoming FFS Proposal 2018. In addition to adding their roadmap and funding requests for developers. However, they have completed their initial phase to achieve that highs in public relations. Initial Phase contains various aspects which are following.

Initial Phase :

1. Building a platform for the team to use that for recruitment, collaboration and enhance the community.

2. Recruiting the individuals who have the ability to accomplish their future goals.

3. Commencement of planning design package and long-term goals for Monero outreach.

Roadmap Goals of Monero in the upcoming months of 2018:

July :

  • PSA Campaign: To educate XMR users.
  • Business Owner tool: Advertisement campaign and signage templets.
  • Develop Public Survey: find easy tools for Monero users to share with their friends and family.
  • Complete Article Board: Strategic story piece idea and guidance for users to show them the right direction.

August :

  • Public Campaign Pilot: The set of ads to be tested on non-Monero users for dragging adoption
  • Develop Website: That will host the contents created by contributors.
  • Match the stories with writers and writing high-quality content.


September :

  • Launch of website
  • Create Guerrilla marketing package for Monero fans.
  • Scouting Editors and professional policy expert who can increase their scope and frequency.
  • Scouting PR professional who has a network in the media industry and deliver the effective stories that can reflect the values of Monero as well as the ethos.

 Great idea! I support, this will help have a better communication channel through the community and have a team working on it.

This is one of the responses from the social network. Though, consumers are appreciating their community effort to get better communication channels.

Conclusion :

The outreach team is seeking for funding and they have also shown their roadmap in marketing as well as the public relation. For sure there will be large recruitments in Editors and professional Experts. However, XMR has completed their Initial phase. Moreover, they also specified project funds.

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